Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eryn Brinie

Hi everybody.  Welcome to my blog.  I'm so excited to be doing this.  I don't work in the fashion industry but like those of you reading this, I LOVE great pieces of clothing and accessories.   I often get asked by people where I buy my clothes, so I thought, what better a way to share my secrets.  Throughout the years, I've discovered stores, both in retail and online that (in my opinion) sell the best and most unique stuff;  whether it's a new dress or a vintage handbag.  What I like most about the pieces I'll feature is that they're don't necessarily follow the big trends; they may help to SET the trends.  I hope that you like what I have to share with you!

Has anyone heard of Eryn Brinie before?  They had some great dresses on, so I decided to check them out.  What a find.  Check it out:  From looking at their Press page, they have some items just featured in the March issue of LUCKY, so you'd better buy quick before everyone else finds out about this place.

For those of you in the NYC area, they have a store in SoHo and two stores in Europe.  The salespeople are great and the prices are pretty affordable.   Their style is very similar to that of Theory, just for a third of the cost.

Here are two of my favorite pieces:

This ultra-funky romper, which works great for work as well as for weekends.   I think the dark blue is the coolest, but ended up buying the beige since I already own a couple of dark blue jumpers.

A painter's dress that I should have bought now since it just got marked down from $120 to $70.


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