Sunday, April 4, 2010


I just finished writing a review about this place on New York Magazine.  Maleeka is my favorite place to shop in Brooklyn.  Whenever I want to buy something nice - anything from a gift for my mom to a break-up pick-me-up - I go there. They sell the kind of jewelry (and clothing, for that matter) that people say, "Wow! Where did you get that?" about -- on a daily basis.  I just bought the best pair of earrings today, a picture of which I'll post at some point.  I've continued to tell people about the place, but they either lose the napkin that I wrote the address on or never bother coming into downtown Brooklyn.  In either case, oh well.  I could care less.  I'll just keep on getting the best jewelry and keeping it all to myself.

The website isn't an online store, so you can't see any of the great stuff this store has to offer.  But believe you me, you will NOT regret checking this place out.  Get your butt on the A/C/G, get off at Hoyt/Schermerhorn and walk on over.  You won't regret the effort made.

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